We are not trying to sell you anything…

… we know there are thousands of dropshipping stores out there, all marking up their prices. is your 100% free utility website to open taobao, the domestic chinese market and AliExpress for you. We help you overcome the language barrier and find the best deals – no marked-up prices!

Our bot, running on a modified version of’s renowned code, looks for relevant items on the surface and deep inside links to present the items you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

The best feature: Our bot does the work of comparing important metadata such as ratings, sales, age and most importantly prices for you and presents you with the “Best Deal” for each item.

We also feature the biggest and most complete Lepin Set List on the web. Check it out!

Please spread the word! Again we are just a utility website, here to help you!

At launch we feature >6000 items! We feature Lepin, but we will add other brick brands and more toys soon…

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