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All Chinese Brick Brands and how they are connected

There are lots of Chinese brick brands, many of are actually connected and made in the same factory. For instance the same brand could make a spin-off for original designs, inspired designs and MOCs.


Lepin itself is not around anymore, but their brands Xingbao, Urge, Zebra, G, Eagle, Lion King, and King/Queen/Jack are still around.

Xingbao: Xingbao mass produces MOCs

Urge: Urge makes modular Buildings

Zebra / G / Eagle / Lion King: These brands copy other designs

King / Queen / Jack: These brands offer a wide selection of sets inspired by other brands and are the most well known and widest available.


Lele is similar in name to lepin, but another company. It owns the brands Zhega, Xiang and PRCK


Mould King is it’s own brands, focusing on MOCs. It’s not to be confused with King.

Sheng Yuan

SY owns fairly well known brand Sembo and Ding Gao


Bela company owns Leyi and Weile


Panlos also owns the Kaiyu brand


Decool operates Decool and Jisi brands

Double Eagle

Double Eagle owns Cada brand, which is most well known for it’s original technic designs, but also has non-technic sets.


Rael operates a brand in it’s own name and Super 18k


Leji controls the Leji brand


is another smaller brand that only controls a brand und it’s own name, SX Brick


QZL operates the XD brick brand


Xinyu operates two brands, Xinyu and Pangu


DK brand offers a variety of different styles of sets

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