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ATTENTION: This page features 2 guides. The Guide is featured first and below you can find a Guide.

You want to know how to order rep items from china? You found an item on this site and don’t know how to ship from china? You are unsure and need a guide? You heard of taobao and don’t know where to get started? Just follow the tutorial below! How to buy from Taobao? How to buy from Superbuy?

Navigating (Lepin)

What makes Toy-Links so easy to browse is that items are categorized in a certain hierarchy.

  1. Lepin
  2. Series (Star Wnrs, Technician etc.)
  3. Individual sets
  4. Offers for that specific set

This makes it easy to navigate to the items. We hope to feature pictures and reviews for as many items as possible with your help.

We feature links to 2 Marketplaces, Taobao and AliExpress, you can view our comparison here.

Superbuy Guide


1. Register on superbuy (mobile link) (desktop link), use the links to get a >25$ welcome bonus

2. Find an item on as described above. You can set the filter in the sidebar to only show you Superbuy/Taobao items.

3. Then click “Find on Superbuy”.

4. Log in with the account you created.

5. Select the item variant with the help of the set number and the pictures.

5.1 Pro Tip: Use your phone’s google translate app’s camera function to translate pictures (language has to be set to “chinese simplified” beforehand)

6. Find more items and repeat steps 2-5. Click checkout and submit your order. On the next page select your destination country and click submit. Pay with your preferred payment method

After buying

6. Wait for the items to arrive in your warehouse (usually under a week, check back regularly)

7. Go to your “Shopping Order” to check the parcel status and the pictures Superbuy sends you by clicking “view the inspection”. You may purchase additional HQ photos. Depending on the size of the set you can ask Superbuy Support or take a look at the pictures to see if all plastic bags were delivered.

10. Go to “My Warehouse” and checkmark the items you want to ship. At the bottom of the page you can see the available shipping methods.

11. Enter your address and your shipping methods.

12. Add extra services (I prefer to add the cheap “Moist Barrier Bags”)

13. Pay and wait for your parcel.

14. Check your parcel status on your carriers website or on “17track” (recommended if you have multiple parcels). The tracking-code can be found under “My Parcel” under “parcel details”, “Tracking No.”.


AliExpress Guide

1. Find an item on as described above. You can set the filter in the sidebar to only show you AliExpress items.

2. Then click “Find on AliExpress”.

3. Set your destination country and make sure shipping methods are to your liking. Also check other offers for the item you want to buy and compare.

4. Make sure the store rating is good, because you are more reliant on the sellers service than you are with Superbuy.

5. Add the item to your cart.

6. Pay and fill in your address details.

7. Wait for the items to arrive

8. It is suggested that you record the unboxing in case content is missing and you need to file a dispute.