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How to clear AliExpress Affiliate cookies for better search results

When you see in the browser URL that means that someone is getting an affiliate bonus for your shopping. This is nothing bad, if you want to support someone, like Toy-Links, but there is a reason to get rid of the link.

That reason is that once you are on best.aliexpress the search function promotes items that are part of the affiliate program. Thanks to Toy-Links, this shouldn’t bother you, as our mission is to provide you with better search results than the AE native search.

We are sharing this information for transparency, please be aware that Toy-Links depends on your support through the affiliate system, which doesn’t cost you extra. By clearing the cookies you don’t support us anymore.


All you have to do is clear the cookies. This depends on your browser, Chrome allows you to clear the cookies for a single site, so here’s how to do that.

When you’re on a best.aliexpress site, click the lock to the left of the URL and then cookies

Then click remove until all are gone.

When you close the tab and go back to it will not redirect you to

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