Posted on Leave a comment – Fashion for Women is our website for women’s fashion from Taobao and trusted sellers. It comes with lots of exclusive finds, a subreddit (r/FemReps) and QC pics.

RepLadies is our sister site, which means that it’s ran by the same person as Toy-Links. You will find lots of parallels, the clear distinction is the kind of items featured.

RepLadies Items

Taobao is a shopping site for Chinese that offers what’s arguably the best pricing on the market, since they are to be bought by chinese, who have a lower income.

RepLadies automatically collects and organizes taobao links from reddit and other sources, which then are filtered for women’s items. These items are then frequently updated for their price and availability, among other data.

RepLadies is the end of dead links, which plague the static lists and search functions you find in forums.

We also cooperate with partners and the community to provide QC pics for as many items as possible.

RepLadies has a list of trusted sellers, some of which are focused on women’s items. Especially for Bags and other high end (leather) items, a trusted seller should be preferred over taobao.

RepLadies Subreddit

Follow our Subreddit r/FemReps to be the first to see new items and discuss them with the community.

The Future of RepLadies

So far, RepLadies has been in the Shadow of the bigger men’s site RepArchive. But we’ve been working hard to give it the attention it deserves.

Weidian on RepLadies is technically ready, but the problem is that since Weidian is new, not enough women’s items have been found. Once an introduction makes sense it will actually be introduced.

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